We would like to invite you to take a look at the top reasons to book Apple of Your Eye Photography:


  1. Receive for FREE, all of your images archived on a Master File CD with the purchase of an Album!
  2. We have a brand new innovative pricing structure, one that gives you the most flexibility in purchasing what you want.  Let the pictures determine the size of the photo!!
  3. We use State of the Art Technology using the top of the line camera equipment!  Not to worry…We always come prepared with plenty of back-up equipment!
  4. Don’t stress…have a blemish the morning of your special day!  With State of the Art Computer Technology, Apple of Your Eye Photography will perfect any imperfections!  These images you will cherish for a lifetime!
  5. When you hire Apple of Your Eye Photography, you hire Willie Applewhite!  You don’t have to worry about a stranger photographing your important moment!  Plus as a Double Bonus for you…you will always have the bonus of having a minimum of one, often two, highly trained assistants with him!!  We can be in two places at once, if needed!

With our State of the Art Technology, our brides are assured of complete coverage of the wedding day.  You are not alone in designing your album.  We care about the quality of our product.  We realize this is most likely the first album you have ever designed.  We won’t leave it all up to you.  All of our couples receive an album design consultation session, walking you through the design process.  It is our goal to have your album designed and into production within 2 weeks from your special day!    This is a family heirloom.  Let us help you make a storybook, not a scrapbook!!